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For over 40 years, Memphis Design has been coming back around to influence interior design, almost always just when we need a refresh.

Experimental and fun, the latest revival has been around for at least a few years, gently influencing trending colour palettes, ceramic and candle design – even product photography style – and bringing bold lines back to the home.

It perhaps seems more obvious today as we enter a new period in design; one that is reacting to the muted and minimal approach embraced by the Hygge trend of the last few years. After months cooped up at home, we’re craving colour as a way to impress our personality on our living space.

The palette of our Futureware set is inspired by a modern take on this design theory, taken from the 2022 colour forecast which looks to “the post-Covid world”, placing optimism and energy at the fore. Geometrical Memphis shapes are grounded with Atlantic Blue accents and softened with a hint of Matisse-inspired lines. It’s more sensitive to its placement on the table and provides a non-committal way to experiment with colour in the home.

Rent the table setting Futureware with Host the Event nationwide delivery
Rent the table setting Futureware with Host the Event nationwide delivery

However you feel about the original Memphis style – love it or hate it – we can guarantee there will be something that you own, be it a vase or glassware, that has been influenced by this movement.

Memphis Design will always be in fashion.

Memphis design was a retro design style created by a group of Italian architects and designers known as the Memphis group. Bonded by a mutual dislike of the minimalist design movement from the 1960s and 1970s, the group set out to design postmodern furniture, fabric, patterns, and ceramics inspired by art deco and pop art. Est. 1981, but 1988 the group had dismantled. 

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